Whether you are a leader or a follower, these books will enhance your abilities to lead or follow effectively. Click on the picture for details.
Our company strives to serve the people and organizations we love. We specialize in leadership training, organizational diagnosis, organizational behaviors, analysis, and human resource development.

We believe that the synergy between leadership and satisfied employees cannot be underestimated. These two are inseparable in any successful organization. That is why Dr. Teddie Malangwasira and his wife, Jennifer, want you to be part of our business. Therefore, contact us so we can discuss how our services may be of benefit to you and your organization.





We utilize proven measurement tools to help with data collection, analyze, and providing feedback to you when you are ready. The process is based on both theory and practical experiences.
Our process is not a one-size fits all. We customize our services based on your needs, goals, and values. We understand that each individual and organization are different.
To provide leadership training and human resource development services to individuals and organizations who are passionate about themselves and others to change the world.
We provide leadership development consultations and customized leadership training to individuals and organizations of various sizes (small, mid-size, and large).
We are experts in leadership training, consultations, leadership theories, organizational diagnosis, analysis, performance management, and many aspects of human resource development (HRD). Dr. Teddie Malangwasira, a Beta Phi scholar, researcher, and leadership author earned his Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Human Resource Development from Regent University. He has over 25 years of teaching experience.

Prior to his doctorate, Dr. Teddie Malangwasira spent time teaching and coaching in Malawi and the USA. In addition, he has over 15 years of experience working with local and international organizations from Malawi, USA, and Europe. He has presented in various countries and institutions including University of Oxford, England; Regent University, USA; Barcelona, Spain; Las Vegas, USA; and Copenhagen, Denmark.

His work is enhanced by his published books: 1) Leading In A Diverse Environment: Steps to Effective Growth, Inclusion, and Development In Your Organization, ​​​2) Leadership Is Not About Race: How Leaders and Followers Inspire and Influence Each Other, and 3) An Empirical Comparative Examination of School Leadership Behavior​. Currently residing in the USA, Dr. Teddie Malangwasira promises nothing but success.

Upcoming Events
Previous Events
May 2019: Leading In a Diverse Environment book launch will take place at TownPlace Suites in Boynton Beach, FL. Click here for Map and Directions.​​​​ ​​​​

June 2019: Dr. Malangwasira will be speaking in Greece at a Diversity in Organizations, Communities, & Nations conference.

March 2019: Dr. Malangwasira was one of the Academic Think Tanks who spoke at a Diversity & Inclusion Conference in Philadelphia.

October 2018: Leading in a Diverse Environment: Steps to Effective Growth, Inclusion, and Development in Your Organization was released and available. Book launch will follow in May, 2019.
March 2018: Dr. Malangwasira presented his book to Ministry of Education in Malawi and various intereted parties.

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